Traditional Japanese Beauty Secrets
The Japanese, well known for their flawless skin, have always used natural botanicals and minerals from the earth for their skin care. Traditionally, ancient Japanese beauties would gently exfoliate their skin using grains such as adzuki beans, rice bran, mineral rich clays, nutrient rich powdered sea vegetables, and powdered herbs. They then would moisturize using botanical oils such as native tsubaki (camellia), rose hips or jojoba oil. To nourish their skin they used herbal teas, extracts and nutritive intensive oils.

Ancient Mask Treatment
To create an ancient Japanese mask treatment, using our traditional facial scrubs, you can add a small amount of jojoba, rose hips or tsubaki oil and enough water to make a thick paste - massage gently into the skin in a circular motion. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Our Japanese Skincare Line
Many of our Japanese products are sold as kits to give you an easy, practical, and economical way to experience ancient Japanese beauty secrets and rituals. Our Japanese skincare kits include our signature treatment mini vials and an exclusive treatment oil blend.

*If you don't see something you like here, try our
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japanese adzuki exfoliant adzuki sukurabu hatomugi & adzuki
komenuka sukinfuudo ceremonial matcha mask

japanese adzuki exfoliant kit
cleanser, facial exfoliation, smoothing, nourishing
brightening, softening

The pink color of adzuki bean powder is reminiscent of the beautiful Japanese cherry blossom. It has been used as a face wash in Japan for over 1,2000 years, and is still popular today. Court beauties of ancient Japan would scrub their face and body with small silk bags containing adzuki powder. Today, modern Japanese women use cotton bags or apply the creamy powder directly to the skin.

This delicate powder when used as a scrub, gently exfoliates and deep-cleans the skin - leaving it glowing, tightened, and silky-smooth. It can be used with a silk nuka bag or prepared from the palm of your hand.

Japanese Adzuki Exfoliant Kit comes with pure tsubaki oil - an ancient Japanese moisturizer.
Size: 14 pure adzuki scrub treatments
Size: 0.5 oz. tsubaki oil
Code: japan11
Price: $32.00

Size: 14 pure adzuki scrub treatments - only
Code: japan10
Price: $25.00

adzuki sukurabu scrub kit
all skin types, scrub, smoothing, nourishing, mask treatment

Adzuki bean powder has been used in Japanese skin care regimens for centuries. Our adzuki sukurabi scrub is based on a traditional Japanese recipe for clarifying the skin. We have enhanced the formula to include other traditional Japanese beautifying ingredients such as rose petals, sea vegetables and purifying clays.

This scrub will exfoliate and thoroughly cleanse your face without dehydration, leaving it with a healthy glow. Use a few times a week to ensure removal of any dead skin cells and excess sebum/oil.

Bonus - this product makes an excellent treatment if applied as a facial mask too.
Size: 14 adzuki sukurabu scrub treatments
Size: 0.5 oz. tsubaki/jojoba oil
Code: japan13
Price: $35.00

Size: 14 adzuki sukurabu scrub treatments - only
Code: japan12
Price: $28.00

komenuka sukinfuudo kit
all skin types, scrub, smoothing, exfoliating, brightening

Komenuka, a rice bran, is the age-old classic remedy in Japan for flawless looking skin. It is said to help prevent wrinkles, heal blemishes, deep cleanse the pores, regulate oil secretion, and smooth and moisturize the complexion. A wonderful sukinfuudo(skin food).

We have added a special clay mixture, rose hips powder and other clarifying botanicals to further boost its effectiveness. Give your face an all-over smooth and blemish free complexion, by using this scrub a few times a week. You can add water only, or add a drop or two of the tsbusaki/jojoba oil for extra skin nourishment. Kit comes with powder and tsubaki/jojoba oil.
Bonus - this product makes an excellent treatment if applied as a facial mask too.
Size: 14 komenuka sukinfuudo scrub treatments
Size: 0.5 oz. tsubaki/jojoba oil
Code: japan15
Price: $33.00

Size: 14 komenuka sukinfuudo scrub treatments - only
Code: japan14
Price: $27.00

hatomugi & adzuki kit
exfoliates, lightens, softens and purifies.
all skin types, especially troubled skin.

Hatomugi, a type of barley, is considered medicinal. It is a traditional Japanese skin-healer, spot and freckle remover, complexion-lightener, and general beautifier. Hatomugi, combined with pink adzuki bean, (a precious bean used in Japan for over 1,200 years as highly valued face wash), creates a true experience of ancient times.

Traditionally, one who is troubled with imperfect skin was advised to get plenty of sleep and undertake treatments of this ancient Asian holistic remedy. May be used as a scrub or treatment mask. Comes with tsubaki/jojoba oil.
Size: 14 hatomugi & adzuki scrub treatments
Size: .5 oz. tsubaki oil
Code: japan17
Price: $29.00

Size: 14 hatomugi & adzuki scrub treatments - only
Code: japan16
Price: $24.00

ceremonial matcha scrub/mask treatment
dry/mature skin, facial treatment, stimulates,
calms irritations, tones, exfoliates

This elegant beauty treatment returns green tea to one of its ancient uses as an external curative. Green tea, referred to by fifth-century Chinese poets as "froth of the liquid jade," takes the place of honor in the Zen tea ceremony, where it is prepared, tasted, and admired in an atmosphere of contemplation.

To properly re-enact the ancient green tea beauty ritual and participate in the relaxing aesthetic tradition of tea, the mind must be calm. Movements should be slow, peaceful, and imbued with quiet awareness will preparing and applying this wonderful facial treatment.

Key Ingredients in treatment: the finest quality matcha (Yinzhen Silver Needle - white green tea powder), special clay mixture, rice powder, and rose petals.

This product comes with mask/scrub powder, and an ancient Japanese skin smoothing and moisturizing oil formulation containing tsubaki, rosehips and hinoki oils.

Size: 14 cereminial matcha scrub/mask treatments
Size: .5 oz. tsubaki/rosehips/hinoki oil
Code: japan19
Price: $42.00

Size: 14 ceremonial matcha scrub/mask - only
Code: japan18
Price: $36.00

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